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Nexys4 ddr In vivado SDK New application project error



I want to use Nexys4 ddr board to read sdcard, reference this topic and read  @jpeyron answer, but after I create the block design with Pmod_SDcard ip and generate bitstream and launch Vivado18.2 SDK tool, an error for new Application Project occur, it may relate to this PmodSD IP, but I an new for using SDK tools.  Can you help me how to deal with this error?

Thank you!




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Hi @zz-2500,

I apologize for the delay; I am taking a look into this, though I haven't been able to replicate this exact error.

One thing I would try would be to right-click on the sdcard_bsp and choose to regenerate the BSP source files since that can help resolve a lot of compilation errors that occur while the project is being generated. Additionally, when you created the empty application project, did you make sure to set it as a C++ (rather than the default C based project) as per the Pmod SD IP readme?


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