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Pattern Generator as a Transmitter and Logic Analyzer as a Receiver



I'm working on a project using the Analog Discovery 2. I observed that the Pattern Generator can be used as a Transmitter and the Logic Analyzer can be used as a Receiver, if used properly. 

Here's the VB Script that I've been working on: AD2_Time_Testing.rar

The VB Script does the following:

1). ASCII data is entered.
2). The algorithm in the code will convert it into binary to be transmitted by the Pattern Generator.
3). The Logic Analyzer will receive the bits in Record Mode.
4). The UART decoder algorithm will convert the bits received back into ASCII character.

The result that I'm expecting is this:

"U" ---> (Converted into Binary) ---> (Transmitted by the Pattern Generator) --> (Bits received in Record Mode) --->(BIts will be converted back in ASCII) ---> "U"

The actual result that I'm getting is this: (DIO#0 (Tx) and DIO#2 (Rx) was used)

Data that is to be transmitted:


I connected DIO #0 to DIO #2 and a UART controller. Data was sucessfully transmitted and it was received by the UART controller:


I also observed the bits returned by the FDwfDigitalInStatusData became like this:


I think because of this change the UART Decoder algorithm cannot process it properly. That's why I'm getting this result:


The output of DIO0Mesg should be "U" as well. Any advice regarding this?

Best regards,


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