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AD2 Comm Port not seen.


This isn't a question but a solution to a potential problem.

Synopsis :

I wanted to verify the comm port assignment on my PC to insure the AD2 had its own comm port and my serial port had its Comm Port. I could not

see the comm port assignment for the AD2. Show Hidden did not reveal the AD2 in Device Manager as well. 


Windows 10 does not show the Comm Port assignment in Device Manager for the AD2. Although you can hear

the connection being assigned you cannot see it.


Open device manager:  Right Click on Windows task bar and select Device Manager from the list.

In Device Manager:  Select View then "Device by Container". It will reveal the Digilent Device but no Comm Port number.

Right click over the Digilent device and select properties..

Click the VCP (Virtual Comm Port)

Close and Windows will assign the comm port and it will be displayed.

The AD2 was associated to USB Serial Converter but not its own Comm Port. The VCP field placed it in cue for a comm port.

Hope this helps


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