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PmodKYPD and PmodOLED for Zynq


Hi, I'm a beginner of FPGA.

I'm trying to print some messages on PmodOLED when pressed a key on PmodKPD.

For example, when I pressed  key "1" on PmodKPD, the Pmod OLED displays, "You pressed key #1",

when I pressed key "9" on PmodKPD, the Pmod OLED displays, "You pressed key #9",

and so on. I don't know how to program in Xilinx SDK, in particular, how to map Pmod interface or pins.

Any sample code available?  I'm using PYNQ-Z1 board, PmodKYPD for PMODA port, and PmodOLED for PMODB port.

Thank you, in advance, for your great help.

Block diagram.png

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Hello @justeen,

I see that you used the Pmod IP's from the vivado-library. Each IP you added to your block design comes with a demo. In the vivado-library folder, corresponding to your Pmod IP,  you will find the example sources.

Here are the demo sources for Pmod Oled and here are the demo sources for Pmod KYPD. You can look into the example sources for both of the Pmods and adapt them to your project.

At step 11. Create a New Application Project in SDK from the tutorial explains how to create a project in SDK when using Digilent Pmod IPs.



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Good luck with your project !

4 minutes ago, justeen said:

Dear Ana-Maria,

Thank you so much. I already found all three links you mentioned right before you reply to me. Yes, they really help me to how to start.

The sample codes were long, but worked. I'm trying to write a main code. I really appreciate your great help.

You're awesome!!

Thanks again.


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