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Any way to build a Petalinux 2018.1 or later image for Cora-Z7-10


I have a Cora-Z7-10 which we bought to get an early start with some embedded linux stuff. I have it running ok by following the instructions on the wiki but we're intending to use a more up-to-date version of Petalinux (i.e. later than 2017.4) on our custom-designed hardware. Since that hardware isn't available yet, we'd really like to be able to update the petalinux version we're using on the Cora, particularly as we have a need to re-configure the FPGA from Linux and (as I understand it) the mechanism changed at 2018.1 (i.e. the /dev/xdevcfg driver was deprecated).

Has anyone achieved this and would be able to advise on how to proceed?

Many thanks


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We have it in our pipeline to update all the Petalinux projects in the next few months.

The upgrade operation is complex and we don't recommend customers try it on their own.

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