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Using a Digilent FPGA Board for data conversion applications


This got lost through the cracks of another thread but I think that it is worth pursuing an answer for.

I have the Nexys Video, Genesys2 and Zedboard FPGA development boards sold by Digilent. Digilent doesn't sell but one FMC mezzanine cards and doesn't test or validate the compatibility of any either. So, the purpose, one assumes, is for the customer to design their own mezzanine cards.

I want to design my own FMC mezzanine card to be used with one of the aforementioned boards. Where do I find a PCB trace report of the LVDS lengths so that I can do that:?

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2 hours ago, Bianca said:

Hi @zygot,


I sent you a private message regarding this.




Why private? I would like to know the answer for that question too as the main reason I bought Genesys 2 board was for its FMC connector. I think trace specifications for FMC connector should be available publicly. Xilinx for example publishes full source files for their devboards, so what's up with all this secrecy? 

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2 hours ago, asmi said:

Why private?

I'm baffled too. I don't feel at liberty to forward any private messages but you can (should) contact Digilent staff directly. 

I would agree with you that this information should be publicly available as it's necessary to make full use of the FMC connector; even if you are trying to use an available mezzanine board.

[edit] Also regrettable is the fact that someone decided to merge two separate questions into one thread. Someone at Digilent needs to rethink some policies...

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