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Tim S.

FPGAs for work and for hobby

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Hi. I work with FPGAs and other embedded systems for a living. I am going through self-directed learning on the Zybo-Z7 and the Arty-A7, with FPGA design textbooks. The Analog Discovery 2 has been a great help with this; and I have authored a few custom Pmod drivers direct in the FPGA logic that do not require a processor system with AXI. One project I authored as a fun experiment for the Arty-A7 was to drive both text on the Pmod OLEDrgb and a PWM mix duty cycle on the 4 discrete RGB LEDs with custom 24-bit RGB color mixing values to compare PWM scaling of the discrete RGB against the 16-bit color of the Pmod OLEDrgb. I have achieved numerous color blends on the discrete RGB LEDs.


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