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Arty A7 - LwIP interrupt is lost by SPI interrupt init



I have a microblaze running a LwIP server adapted from the lwIP server example where everything works fine.

LwIP stops working when I use another peripheral with an interrupt attached to it. In my case I have an SPI EEprom running perfectly, but after initialization LwIP stops working. The EEprom code is also standard code from the example. Interrupts are all connected to the microblaze with a concat IP.

Has anybody experience in this topic?

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I rearranged the code, so the SPI interrupt is initialized before the LwIP interrupt. Now it seems the LwIP is unaffected by this routine, but after the first transmission in SPI the Status of the XSpi_Transfer function returns 0x15 (XST_INVALID_PARAM) though I am doing the same stuff as before.

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Hi @TomF,

I apologize for the delay. We don't have any specific advice for you regarding merging these two Xilinx made demos; as you have found and as this particular forum user on the Xilinx forums found, changing the order in which the interrupts are initialized can help things (though why this is the case I am uncertain of since all interrupts should be disabled while you are specifically enabling interrupts...). Xilinx will be better able to address this for you.


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