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Don't see: LINX Target Configuration


I have LabVIEW 2014 and LINX 3.0. The entire installation process went as expected.

However, when trying to setup the PI 3 as indicated in timestamp 3:50 of this video:


Under the menu: 

Tools >> Makerhub >> LINX...

All I get is:
Generate Firmware Libraries
LINX Firmware Wizard
myRIO Support

I don't have the option: LINX Target Configuration

Any ideas?

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Hi Graether,

It sounds to me like you might not actually have the newest version of LINX. This can happen because of an outdated VIPM so make sure that VIPM is updated and then you should see the correct LINX version. To check your current LINX version, open VI Package Manager and scroll to MakerHub LINX and make sure the version is or newer. Also you should be using the 32 bit version of LabVIEW not the 64 bit just in case that is the issue.



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Thank you so much for the answer. You were correct. It appears the link on the NI website for the VIPM did not point to the latest version. I had to go to the FTP site and manually download the correct version.

Thank you so much for the help. You guys rock!

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