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Symbol lookup error while Qt project execute on SDR Board



I have cross compiled executable file from QT 4.8.7 and i am running it on SDR ADRV9361 board (Linaro-Ubuntu). When i run the cross compiled executable file (which is cross compiled on Ubuntu 16.04) on my SDR board, i got the error message like : " symbol lookup error : ./project: undefined symbol: _ZN7QWidget8qwsEventEP8QWSEvent". I don't know why i am getting this error as I conformed tool chain version on both side,  please help.

I followed following forums: 





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Hi @Baig.

SDR ADRV9361 board is not from Digilent.

It is not clear which version of Qt you have on your board(target) and against which version you link your app. Please make sure it is the same.

Also make sure qtmodules you use in your app are properly working on the board. You can run examples that are provided with QT to do that.

If you want to debug, build/install Qt framework in debug mode, usually the lib files have 'd' at the and of name: libQtCored.so

You can use `ldd` tool to inspect dependencies for your app on target to make sure something is not missing which seams to be the case.

Also note that QWS was repalced in Qt > 5.0.0 with QPA.

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