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Problem Detecting Analog Discovery


 I have an Analog Discovery purchased in 2014 and it is exhibiting a strange detection problem.

Never noticed his problem before, but then again the device has previously not been used a lot.
The problem is that once the Analog Discovery is unplugged and then later plugged in again, Waveforms running my windows 7 computer will not detect it anymore. 
I have tried rebooting the computer, tried different USB ports, and USB cables, but that didn't work.
I found that if I wait a day, and plug it in then.  The Analog Discovery get detected right away, but once I unplug it and then try to plug it again I get the detection problem.
Waiting several hours is not enough time, I still get the detection problem.
Any advise on how to troubleshoot and solve this strange detection problem.
Download new software ?
Update drivers ? - I would need explicit instructions on how to do this.
My request is urgent because it is needed for a class.
An aside question:
Should the Analog Discovery be plugged in before or after running Waveforms ? Does the order matter ?  Which is preferred ?
Thank You !

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This could to be an USB driver issue or some other application blocking the device, like some UART or SPI/JTAG programming cable
Make sure the Load VCP is NOT checked. If checked uncheck then reconnect the device.
What is your USB driver version?

I shouldn't matter the order of plug and application start.

Let me know what you find.



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Hi I've been sent here from another thread.

On win7 64bit pro it only have three tabs, General, Driver and Details.

I've checked and I am an Admin on this machine.


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Hi Quiggers,

Make sure that you are looking at the correct usb serial converter in the Device Manager. The driver provider will be FTDI. I have  win 8.1 but it should be similar. I have a screen shot of a basys 3 and a Analog Discovery. Once you have have the Device manager up and have selected universal serial bus controllers you should unplug it and plug it back in until you see which usb converter is added. Please provide a screen shot so we can better assist you.

Thank you,





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