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Microchip PIC32MX370F512L Microcontroller and MathWorks


Hi All,

I need someone help in understanding the Digilent Trainer MX370.  My overall goal is to program this chipset with Mathworks using matlab and simulink models.  Microchip C compiler and Mathworks products work together to form the basic building blocks of math modeling and coding.  I have a couple of projects in mind, but my first one is building a PID controller and peak detectors forming a buck  booster controller working in the T and S domains.   It turns out the one needs the embedded coder as well as many other modules.   Does anyone understand this embedded coder?

My question has anyone build models on this platform using mathwork tools.  This would include DSP and Digital Filters and PID Loops.  Would one use Fix point or floating point ? Working with Timers and Counters Possible SPI out to an FPGA for further IO expansion.  MPLab support Mathwork tools, but they use embedded coder.  I have the Matlab coder and Simulink coder no embedded coder.  It's too expensive for this project.

Can I  use this chip with Mathworks , without the embedded coder  and just using simulate modeling form this point of view along with MPLab.  I have support questions out to both mathworks and MPlab. No response, yet.

I like this trainer, it has displays and push button switches needed.   I would need a PID controller and driver hardware.  I would need a way to tune the PID controller from the LCD Display of the trainer

I could use another processor type to get this functionality.   I don't think its that complicated if we can find code to the job for the MX370.





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Hi @pgmaser,

I apologize for the delay. Unfortunately, those of us here at Digilent don't have experience with using Mathworks with the microchip parts, so unfortunately don't have a lot of direct advice for this with regards to programming an controlling the MX370 from MATLAB.


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