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Replace LM2931 by Using 78L05

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I'm building a project where I get the PCB + panel to buy my own parts. It needs a clock buffered by cd40106 and runs a cd4017. The sequential output of CD4017 produces a programmable voltage sequence that enters the output stage based on lm358. The complete sketch can be seen here. I just realized that I didn't supply power to lm2931, which constitutes the + 5V line of digital integrated circuits. I looked at the data sheet and it looked like it was just a low voltage drop 5V regulator with a rated current of 100 mA. Should a good 78L05 voltage regulator be a good substitute for driving only 4xxx logic? I'm almost sure I'll be okay, but I think I'll say hello. Below is the relevant part of the sketch:


Likewise, I want to use TL072 instead of LM358, because I have many such devices.

I tried to contact the PCB manufacturer and he gave me an extra past task, but I didn't get the answer, so I think I can handle everything faster by simply asking here and making some modifications alone.

PS: LM358 stage is only a typical 100K/100K mixer for CD4017 production. Then it supports 100K/100K by 15PF and 330R by output jack.

Thank you in advantage~

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