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Digilent Pmod I2S2 stereo


I am using pmod i2s2 and it is working fine with transmission data ,

Now I need to use it as a RX from an external mic I use this converter to use my normal headphone for both mic and speaker, 

and Iam trying to loop back the data I recorded , I use MCLK = 25 MHz , LRCLK = 48.8K hz , SCK = 3.128 Mhz   (and these clocks are configurable)

but I donot hear anything of the recording data.
should I use an amplifier ?

or should I configure anything else other than the clocks

Pmod is operating as slave

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Welcome to the forum!

Those clocks should be fine.

As mic hardware and line hardware are different, an amplifier is required. This why computers use two ports. The converter you linked only splits the cable, and does not appear to do any kind of amplification. Mic to line amplifiers are available for purchase online, but I do not have any specific ones to recommend.


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