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How to generate SPI protocols already present inside Processing system ?


We are trying to generate the SPI protocols signals from the Zybo-Z710 board, which uses Zynq-7000 SoC. Since, the PS section of the chip contains two SPI modules. Can anyone tells me the procedure for activating the SPI line inside the PS.
I want to use this SPI lines to transfer data and provide control to the another module.



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Hi @Dareamol

Open the Zynq Processing Blocks's configuration wizard. Within this, there is a tab called "MIO Configuration". Expand the "I/O Peripherals" section and scroll down to "SPI 0" and "SPI 1". The checkboxes on these lines can be used to enable the modules. The "IO" dropdown can be used to select what pins the modules control. In the case of the Zybo Z7-10, these modules must be connected to EMIO, which connects the SPI interfaces to the Zynq's programmable logic. From there, you can make these interfaces external and connect them to whatever external pins through your constraint file/s.

More potentially useful information can be found in this thread on the Xilinx forums.



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