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Pmod OLEDrgb thickness?


The reference info (online and .pdf) for the Pmod OLEDrgb falls flat (literally) when it comes to the thickness of the module.

It specifies the board size is 1" x 1.4", but it doesn't say how thick the module is. And none of the photos are from a viewpoint that let me determine whether the top surface of the display is above the PMOD header connector. A side profile view (or better yet, side profile drawing) would answer these questions.  Essentially, the height above bottom of circuit board at points h1 and h2 in the ascii graphic below:

      h1                        h2
===X===||      | __ 96 x 64 OLEDrgb__ |
===X=||  ||      | __  Display module __ |
    ------------------PMOD PCB------------------------

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Hi @BradLevy,

We don't have a 3D drawind for the Pmod OLEDrgb but i measured it and it was 4.45 mm (~0.175") in thickness. And from the attached picture you can see that it's not higher than the Pmod Connetor. 



I hope this helps.




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