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BSP Support for Petalinux 2018.03 and beyond


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2017.4 is the latest we have now.

We don't have any special maintenance commitment of one board over another. There is a lot of overlap between the Petalinux projects, so upgrading the first board will take the longest, and the other ones will be quicker, but we still have to validate that all the interfaces work on the new version.

The best estimate I can give right now is that we would wait for the 2019.2 release in December, and upgrade our projects in Q1 next year.

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I'm interested in  support for the Cora z7 10 board.

Do any of your boards have support for petalinux 18.03 or greater?

Do you have a board range for which you always maintain support for latest petalinux  or for which you have

a defined schedule?

Thanks in advance!


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