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Firmware via Android


Hello, we are looking for help to write our FW on Spartan6 via USB port & Android app, our tablet have USB type A standard ports, also type C port. We need to write it like  we do from Windows Impact software, can someone help us with that? thanks :)

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Hi @Taras,

To clarify, you are looking to use and iMPACT like app on an android tablet to program a spartan 6? 

I'm not aware of an Android App that configures Xilinx FPGA's.  The Digilent Adept 2 here can configure FPGA's but is not compatible with the Android OS. Adept 2 can configure some flash devices but is limited. 

What specific spartan 6 are you using?

If it is one of Digilent's spartan 6's like the Nexys 3 you could use the USB host with an USB thumb drive. A USB thumb drive with a bit file can configure the FPGA on start up.  In the section 1 Configuration and the 7 USB HID Host of the Nexys 3 reference manual discusses this.

best regards,


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Hi @JColvin, actually may be you could help us, what we have found it is this sdk for usb jtag https://github.com/AlexWillisson/soc/tree/master/digilent.adept.sdk_2.0.1,

but this sdk is based on dll files, mean for windows, so what need it djtg code to be converted to "so" library for Android, I just though if you have and be able give us code c++ of djtg.DLL, we will be able to convert it for Android?

thanks for support

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