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How do I input and read a signal on a Basys3 FPGA?


I am learning how to operate an FPGA, and I have to input a signal (which in itself is the output of a discriminator), and analyze it through a Basys3 FPGA. Looking at the available ports on the board, I'm guessing that it could be done using the Pmod ports, but even after hours of googling and going through the manuals, I failed to know which data ports to use, and how to read the signal after I've input it through the board. I've got references to some boards, in which GPIO ports are explicitly labelled, but I don't see any such labeling on the Basys3. So, it'd be really helpful if someone can provide me with any insight regarding this. Any other references or links would also be greatly appreciated.

I've already gone through the basic tutorials (like lighting the led using the switch. I just want to know how to use the input ports, and analyze my signal.

Thank You

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Being a FPGA, you can use most of the FPGA pins to implement IO operations. For example, you should decide to use some pins of a Pmod connector. You should edit the xdc file, uncommenting the lines for these pins and maybe assigning user friendly names to the pins.  

If you are using VHDL, please take a look on Basys3 General IO example. The GPIO_Demo.vhd component is responsible for dealing with GPIO signals. The buttons are considered input IO signals, while the LEDs and considered output IO signals. 

Good luck.

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