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"Hello world" not working on Zybo-7010


I am trying to run the "Hello world" program on my Zynq 7000 family board. The issue which is happening is i am not able to see the output of the program on my Terminal. I am using the SDK terminal for seeing the output. I have already gone through some videos from xilinx on SDK and i am following the same steps as they did. One day before, it was working fine but, i am really unable to figure out what is the issue now. I am a kind of a newbee in using Viavado and SDK, so it will be really great if some one can help me out.
I am using Vivado 2019.1.

So these are the steps which i am following:

1) Created a block diagram in Vivado and generated the bitstream. We can see that i am using UART1 and GPIO in peripherals.

2) Then I launched SDK from Viavdo and Created a new Application project. Then i used the "Hello world" template and created the BSP.

3) I created a "Run configuration", connected my terminal, Programmed my FPGA and then Launched the program on Hardware.


Please let me know if any other information is needed.




Screenshot (1).png

Screenshot (2).png

Screenshot (3).png

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Hi @Dareamol

This is actual for me too.

Could you send for me tupical project of "Hello world" ?

uart from procesor MIO or EMIO you receive?

I wank to look your xdc file and Zynq core settings.

Best regards


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Hi @Dareamol,

Here are the basic steps to getting the Hello World project working in Vivado:

1. Makes sure the board files are installed and you select the zybo-z7-10 when creating the project.

2. create a block design

3. add the zynq processor and run the default(board files) block automation.

4. connect the axi-m-gp0-aclk pin to the fclk_clk0  pin on the zynq processor.

5. right click on the design in the sources tab and create a wrapper letting vivado handle it.

6. generate a bitstream.

7. Export the hardware including the bitstream.

8. Launch SDK

in sdk:

1. once sdk has fully loaded with the hw_platform them click on file and add a new application. 

2. give it a name and leave everything else as default. select next.

3. Select the hello world template.

4. program the FPGA

5. Open a serial terminal emulator like tera term and connect the com port of the Zybo-Z7-10. Make sure to adjust the baud rate to 115200 and typically leave all of the other settings at default.

6. right click on the application and select run as->launch on hardware(system debugger)

and you should see hello world on the serial terminal!!!!

Best regards,


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