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Direct SPI programming using JTAG-HS2 through iMPACT 11.1


Hello all,

I've been searching about this a lot, but could not find information all at one place. So I am creating this thread.

I am currently using Spartan XC3S50A in Master SPI mode, that is connected to AT45DB021D SPI flash. I have iMPACT 11.1 installed through which I perform direct SPI programming. I am recently out for testing JTAG-HS2 for this very purpose, but iMPACT 11.1 does not shows up JTAG-HS2 cable in cable setup options.

I followed the manual that comes with Digilent plugin and have copied the DLL and XML files into the folder specified, but still no luck. Unfortunately, this manual only documents complete procedure for adding cable to ChipScope, but not iMPACT 11.x.

Even the digilent adept 2 does not give me option for direct SPI programming. The GUI only has two tabs  named config and settings.

Am I missing on any of the steps or am I not using proper software versions? I am stuck. Any step by step instructions would prove very useful for me.

Thank you in advance!

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Hello @PrasadK,

You will need to use a newer version of ISE. As per this page on our store, the JTAG HS2 is only supported in ISE 13.2 and later as well as only have Xilinx Plug-in support from ISE 12.1 and later.

Thank you,

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