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PmodBT2 Bluetooth module configuration with puTTY



I am trying to configure an RN-42 PmodBT2 module using puTTY following these steps:







the MAC ADDRESS refers to the address of the device I want the module to connect to it. When I enter the command C, MAC ADDRESS, I get an error, ERR-Connected. and if I entered GF to know the address of the last connection I get a random address starts by 088EDB -its not the address of my laptop either-. 

Another problem is that if I tried to disconnect the device using K, ADDRESS the command window hangs and I have to close it. Same thing happens with inquiry "I" and Reboot "R,1". 

Please help :(

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Hi T2dei,

I don't know at the moment why you are encountering the behavior that you are, but let's work to see if we can figure out the problem. It seems that you have a pretty good grasp on what sort of commands you need to send, but I have a couple of clarification questions that aren't explicitly answered in your original post.

1- What baud rate are you attempting to run PuTTY at? By default the RN-42 wants to run at 115200 baud with 8 bits, no parity and 1 stop bit.

2- Are the codes you listed in your original post from PuTTY or from whatever your PmodBT2 is physically attached to? 

This last one isn't really a question but GF just provides the address of the device you are currently connected to. You may want to try GR which gives the stored address that you provide from the SR command. This will help indicate if it is receiving the MAC address accurately.


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