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How to store data in Quad SPI flash along with program file (Arty7-35T)


Dear All,

In reference manual of Arty7-35 T, it is mentioned that it is possible to store data along with FPGA program in Quad SPI Flash memory but that approach is out of scope for that document.

I have different tables of coefficients(in Excel, Text file) for each pixels where nature of co-efficient is floating point decimal numbers. Total data size is around 2 MB which includes 8 coefficients files

At power on, i want to send all this coefficients from FPGA flash to PC  via Ethernet.  Now I need suggestion, How to store these data in Flash memory along with Main FPGA Program. What should be format for these coefficients files?

Is this possible by using just one Flash memory?


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Hi @core2explore,

Is your project currently working through JTAG with sdk pulling the data from a file stored in flash? Here is a forum thread that discusses reading from the QSPI FLASH.

Here is a tutorial for configuring the QSPI FLASH from SDK with microblaze projects. I would suggest compressing the bitstream.  

best regards,



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