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Analog Shield card (part no. 410‐309)



We have previously used the Analog Shield board (part no. 410‐309) in a construction and now we need 10-20 more of them. I know that the card is “manufacture discontinue and End of Life” and is therefore difficult to find on the market.

Is it possible to order Analog Shield (part no. 410‐309) "On demand"? If not, do you know where I can find "remaining cards"? Is there a similar board from you or some other company that is similar to your product?

If the card is unavailable we are considering to manufacture it on our own. Is it possible for Digilent to send the gerber files and a BOM so we can reproduce the board ourselves? 

We can strip any references to Digilent (e.g logo) if you want. We do have the schematics so we can make a new cad but if we can get the files from you it would save us some time. We can then also produce them in small series for you as well, in case you get more requests in the future for this board :)

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Hi @Clyde,

Which resolution are you referring to? The providing of the gerber files for the Analog Shield? If so, unfortunately the answer (not my choice or department) is still no, the materials will not be released for the board. I do not know the reasoning behind this decision.

I'm sorry I could not be of more help.


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I was wondering if he ever found replacement hardware for his application.  I'd be interested in do a similar design if he wanted to entertain that, custom, the way he wants it.

I did my own shield for the arty for audio in and out.


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