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Piotr Rzeszut

Feature request - current consumption



I was working with AD2 and DD for quite a time and I feel lack of one small feature: display overall current/input voltage consumption constantly.

Now I am able to observe there parameters by clicking on "Status" button in the bottom right corner, but It would be nice to have an option to display these parameters in this status bar without a need to click on the button. This would be useful for me when playing with power supplies - by looking at these parameters I can clearly see if there si an issue in my system or not.

Also, I do not know if the hardware has such ability, It would be nice to display current consumption of power supplies in power supply window.

Best regards,


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Hi @Piotr Rzeszut

The AD/AD2 has no voltage or current readback.
On the EExplorer board you can adjust the voltage/current limit and also have voltage/current readback.

The AD2 has USB and AUX supply monitoring and the DD USB and VCC monitoring, shown in the Status dropdown.
I could show these also in the Supply window. In the SDK/Script the monitoring is part of the supplies API, analog-io



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