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How about Arty K7 -- an affordable Kintex-7 based board



First I tried with Nexys K7, here another try with Arty K7.

There is now a great portfolio of Arty boards, spanning Spartan-7, Artix-7 and Zynq.
The only thing missing is an Arty with a Kintex-7.

And is seems imho well in reach, the XC7K70T is with ~$120 only $10 more expensive then the XC7A100T used on the Arty A7-100.
So a Arty K7-70 should be possible at a reasonable price, slightly above the Arty A7-100.

With that offer the Arty family would cover

  • Arty S7  -- Spartan-7 and lowest cost
  • Arty A7   -- Artix-7
  • Arty K7   -- Kintex-7 and highest speed
  • Arty Z7   -- Zynq and embedded processor

Maybe somebody from Digilent can comment on this.

Or users who'd like to buy such a board :)


             With best regards,     Walter

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