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HDMI on the Nexys4-DDR?



Is there any way that I can connect the Nexys4DDR to an HDMI connector, for example using a breakout board such as this one


The critical factor would be getting access to 4 differential pair outputs (TMDS) from the Artix-7 FPGA.  I note that there is no HDMI PMOD available, which suggests that these pins are actually not available externally on this board.  I already have the Nexys4DDR, which is the right board for me.  I don't need the dedicated Nexys Video, I'm just trying to upgrade my display output from VGA to HDMI - which could be a relatively simple job.

Related to this, if I can post my request for the next version of the Nexys4 board:  replace the VGA connector with a DVI connector and connect both the "VGA" pins and the "HDMI" pins from the DVI connector to the FPGA.  Users can then either uses a DVI/HDMI cable or an DVI/VGA adaptor at preference.

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