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Programming PL from QSPI flash on ARTY Z7-10


Hello All!

I just received the arty z7 board yesterday, but I am having immense trouble getting the PL to load a switch-to-LED solution from the flash. 

I don't want to give up, and I have spent the entire day trying to solve my problem reading other forums, but I still cant figure out how to do it. 

I just started FPGAs, and have moved up from the lattice tools, so go easy on me :)


this is what I have done so far to try and solve my problem:

-I created a Verilog file that makes the LED turn on when the switch is on. 

-I created a constraints file from the arty z7 schematic

- I programmed the PL ONLY using the hardware manager and the .bit file

I wanted to boot this program from the flash, so I then did this:

-created a basic block design and generated a bitstream

-exported and opened the SDK, as well as created the fsbl file.

-got a working boot image, and was able to successfully erase the out-of-box demo.


The problem was that the switch to LED code that I wrote and verified doesn't load from the flash.

I tried just programming with the hardware manager and the bitstream file, but again nothing happened. keep in mind the switch/LED was working BEFORE I generated the bitstream file with the block design HDL wrapper. (it worked with just the Verilog code for the switch/LED)

I tried instantiating the switch/LED code in the block design HDL wrapper, but that didn't work.

I thought instead of using the block design HDL wrapper as the top module, I would try the switch/LED code as the top module. This didn't work either.


I know that you need to create the block design for the fsbl which is used to program the flash, but how can I get my code for the PL on the flash too? 

is this a problem with my constraints file? or is there a way to merge the code I want on the PL and the wrapper so the program will load from the flash?

thank you!


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Hi @dmeads_10,

Welcome to the Digilent Forums!

You will need to create a BOOT.BIN file. Here is an older but still relevant tutorial for the Zedboard(ZYNQ) that will work for the Arty-Z7-10(ZYNQ). It discusses how to take a HDL project an turn it into a BOOT.BIN. 

Does your HDL project work when configuring the Arty-Z7-10 through JTAG and the HW manager?

best regards,


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