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How to create bitstream selection at Nexys4DDR startup?



I'm here really new and I'm only beginning learn VHDL. I'm owner of Nexys4DDR and using it for first for Mega 65 and Apple II computer cores, now I want to use for own programming.

First Q is maybe stupid, but very useful.

I'm loading cores from microSD card and if I want to use one I must to select first card, when second, select second card... always push and pull any.

I want to have all on one microSD card. How to create any core bitstream selector? If any, which programming language to use?

Thank you for at least reading this.


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The loading data from the microSD to FPGA can be done using a PIC24 microcontroller. The PIC24 read the first bit file and send data from that bit to the FPGA. Then a selector means to implement a PIC24 software where a selected bit file is readed and after that data is send to the FPGA. Unfortunately our project is not public but you can implement your own SPI communication with the microSD card and a slave serial communication with the FPGA to program. Please see the XAPP502 document for the slave serial communication:



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