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Feature request: Importing frequency-domain data from .csv



I use WaveForm 3.11.5 and I would like to be able to import a previously exported Scope FFT, Impedance Analyzer and Network Analyzer data.


The exports work fine, and it's pretty good for working with other tools that can handle .csv.

On the other hand, it would be great to have the ability to import these values later to compare them with the ones we are measuring.

I could imagine it as a new reference type, so we could import even multiple files, name them and choose colors for them.



What do you think, @attila?




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Szia @Andras

Thank you for the request. I will add import for IA interface.

Currently the application saves (in project/workspace) only the following data, the other measurements are generated based on these. I will have to modify this mechanism in order to let importing arbitrary data.

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@attila, could you also rename the "Close" button in the reference properties dialog to "Delete", please?

It tricked me when I tried to rename a reference and I clicked on the close button afterwards (it removed the reference trance altogether).


Also, could you make the column on the right hand side with the trace and references horizontally resizable? If I define longer reference names they are not visible.

Thank you!

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Szia @Andras

Thank you for the observations.

In case you have accidentally closed/removed a trace you can bring it back running the following script.
Edit: This is only valid for opened instruments. It won't work after loading a project/workspace, since only the enabled traces are saved.

Impedance.Traces.Ref1.enable = true


Edited by attila
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