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Using XADC on a Zybo Z7 board



Problem :

I am new to FPGA and I would need to understand how to read an Analog input through the XADC to analyze it on the board and then be able to accordingly output a trigger for other machines.

One simple thing that I would try to do for the time being is to read in the analog signal and wire it to a led so that I could effectively see the code is working. How do I do that ?

Finally, one extra constraint is that I have to limit as much as possible the use of the Zynq processor (I'm not really sure this is achievable, please excuse my lack of knowledge).


Product :

I use the Zybo Z7 board XC7Z010-1CLG400C and Vivado Design Suite 18.3


What I have tried :

I think the tutorial I've seen that best suits be needs is this one : https://cdn.instructables.com/ORIG/FRT/SYN1/IWMMH04D/FRTSYN1IWMMH04D.pdf

Everything is alright until it comes to copy the instantiation template into the wrapper. I'm not really sure of how this works.

After that, it is said there that the Digital input I'm interested in is named "daddr_in" ==> how should I extract it then to - let's say - connect it to a led ?

Please find the Constraint file and project in the attached files and let me know if you need more.


I have also made other attempts through this : http://realisenow.sdu.dk/using-the-xadc-on-the-zybo-board/

Hence a question on the fly : when I open the SDK and enter a code in C, then I'm starting to ork on the PS isn't it ?

Finally, I have also tried the XADC demo project on the digilent website but couldn't sort out how to adapt it to my needs.


Thank you in advance for your healp, !


Zybo-Z7-Master.xdc design_1_wrapper.v xadc_wiz_0.v

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Hi @NotMyCupOfTea,

Welcome to the Digilent forums!

Here is the Zybo Z7 resource center. Here is the Zybo Z7 xadc project  Here is the TOP verilog  and XDC for the xadc project.  I you want to next use the ZYNQ processor(PS) with the xadc wizard i would look at the Cora Z7 xadc project as a good reference for getting the Zybo Z7 XADC using the zynq processor going.

best regards,


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Hi jpeyron,

Thank you for your answer !

I have uploaded the TOP verilog and the XDC file on Vivado and synthetized it.

At this point it told that xadc_wiz_0 was not found. How should I include the xadc wizard ? I have tried to click on "add source" but I couldn't find the file.

The button "Open block design" is unaccessible and I am not sure that creating a block design is necessary.

For the time being, I have uploaded the directory named xadc_wizard_0 from the project that can be found here : https://github.com/Digilent/Zybo-Z7-10-XADC/releases/download/v2016.4-1/Zybo-Z7-10-XADC-2016.4-1.zip?_ga=2.108596225.2003351500.1563190724-115680613.1562652704 but it is probably not the best way to do it.

Could you please tell me which way is the best to add the wizard from scratch ?

However, with this I was able to programm the board and it runs, though I don't really understand which led should blink according to which port has an input (but this can come from the fact that the wizard has been falsely loaded). Sometimes only one led turns on, sometimes 2/3/4... Sometime they are in phase opposition...

I'm digging the code to understand what happens.

Thank you very much,

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