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How to read/write value into NetFPGA SUME registers through USB-JTAG port only


In the P4->NetFPGA workflow, the following script is used to store table entries into the registers of NetFPGA SUME:



${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020050 -w 0x11111108
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020054 -w 0x00000811
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020080 -w 0x00000101
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020040 -w 0x00000001
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020050 -w 0x22222208
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020054 -w 0x00000822
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020080 -w 0x00000104
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020040 -w 0x00000001
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020050 -w 0x33333308
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020054 -w 0x00000833
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020080 -w 0x00000110
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020040 -w 0x00000001
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020050 -w 0x44444408
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020054 -w 0x00000844
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020080 -w 0x00000140
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020040 -w 0x00000001
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020050 -w 0xffffffff
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020054 -w 0x0000ffff
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020080 -w 0x00000155
${SUME_SDNET}/sw/sume/rwaxi -a 0x44020040 -w 0x00000001


But, for this operation, I need to have NetFPGA SUME connected to the PCIe slot. 

If I want to operate NetFPGA in standalone mode (configure using Parallel Flash with only USB-JTAG connection), is there any way to read/write register values into NetFPGA.


i.e. can we read/write values into registers of NetFPGA using the USB-JTAG port alone and with no connection to host through PCIe? Is there any tool available which can help me fulfil my objective?

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Hi @harsh,

The best recommendation I can give you would be to ask the NetFPGA mailing group which you can sign up for on their NetFPGA GitHub here. From there, it seems it can take up to 5 business days to get accepted though.


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Ok, will do that.

I thought the I might be able to use Adept tool to read/write values into the registers of NetFPGA SUME. Using dsumecfg tool I am able to load bitstream onto the NetFPGA SUME. Similarly, I was looking for something that can help me read/write table entries onto NetFPGA SUME.


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