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Supply problem in Analog discovery II


I just got AD2, and I'm trying to use the power supply in AD2, but I get nothing. I tried to measure generated supply using different tools including AD oscilloscope and Voltmeter. but They give values around zero. Is there a way to figure out the problem.

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Hi @Foudam,

Welcome to the Digilent Forums!

I moved your thread to a section where more experienced AD2/Waveforms engineers look.

Here is the AD2 resource center. Here is the using the Voltmeter and here is using the power supply. I have attached screen shots and a picture of a working AD2 power supply and the Voltmeter readings as well. 

Please attach screen shots of your the waveform power supply and voltmeter screens as well as a picture of your set up.

Do you receive any errors from Waveforms?


best regards,








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