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Can I plug 2 Pmod(1x6) add-on boards in a Pmod(2x6) port on Zedboard?


I need to use 10  PModAD1 (1x6) on Zedboard where there are only 5 Pmod(2x6). I wonder whether I can plug in 2 PModAD1 in the same Pmod on Zedboard. What I concern most is not the hardware compability but the sofware compability, that is to say whethter it is possible to use dirctly the library of Pmod in the IDE FPGA after this modification.

Dose anyone have experience for this question? Your suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

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You can plug them but you'll have to use a ribbon cable in order to fit. That's from hardware point of view. I'm not sure what are you talking about what you say IDE FPGA. If you can provide a link to the library, I can tell you if the code is ok and you can use it.

If you're referring to this code, then, I can tell you from the start that it won't work because that library is designed for ChipKit boards and is meant to use with MPIDE. 

Best regards,


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Hi Bianca, thank you very much for your response.

In fact, I want to program the Zedboard in Xilinx ISE using le language Verilog or VHDL. I have seen the link that you give and it shows that there is no library for PMod in these two languages. So it seems that I need to develop it myself. Do you think it will be a tough job to write this library in Verlog/VHDL?

Thank you again for your help.


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