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LwIP example unstable in Vivado 2018.3

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Hi, I have implemented and tested LwIP Echo Server example (lwip141) in ZYBO in Vivado 2017.3 programming through BOOT.BIN. The example works in 2017.3. 

The problem is that when I upgrade Vivado to 2018.3 in Windows 10, the LwIP example (lwip202) is not working through BOOT.BIN (and also through XSCT) because the Ethernet LINK LED on board is unstable. The Tera Term output is also attached showing Ethernet Link UP / Ethernet Link Down. Any idea how to fix it and run LwIP example ? 


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Hi @joniengr081,

Here is a xilinx forum thread that discusses the ETH_LINK_UP and ETH_LINK_DOWN issue.

If found a github issue posted on Xilinx's gihub:  lwip202 of Vivado 2018.2 keeps bring ethernet up and down #70 here that discusses this issue. This issue is with the free rtos so i might not be applicable but one of the solution looks to be just commenting out line 353 and 354,

//if ((eth_link_status == ETH_LINK_UP) && (!phy_link_status))

// eth_link_status = ETH_LINK_DOWN;

best regards,


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To summarize for other viewers. The ZYNQ ECHO Server LwIP Example lwip202 is working in Vivado 2018.3 installed in Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit with the following two line changes in xadapter.c. Please comment these two lines to make the example work.  

// if ((eth_link_status == ETH_LINK_UP) && (!phy_link_status))

// eth_link_status = ETH_LINK_DOWN;

The file xadapter.c is located at 




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