I bought 2 boards with limited licenses

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Last June I bought a Basys 3 it came with a license that gave me full Vivado capabilities, now i bought Arty and new license is to be sent.  Are these 2 licenses different?  They are both XC7C35T  I haven't installed either license yet.





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Thanks, some other  questions 1. I already have the web pack Vivado 15.1 on my machine, Do I uninstall it to install the one with the license? 2.  I also was told that if a license was installed on a machine and I need another machine that this can't be transferred.  Since I have 2 licenses from 2 different purchases can I put the second license on the new machine?  My way of thinking is I can put the Basys license (which has to be done before June) on this older computer I have now and if I had to buy a newer machine could install the license that came with Arty on that computer. Is this something i can do?  




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If you open the License Manager you can see all of the active licenses. If you installed both the Arty license and the webpack license, you would see both appear there, so you do not have to reinstall. 

Since the Arty License and Basys 3 License are locked to the same device, yes installing them on different computers would be a great idea! Node locked just means that once you install one on one computer you cannot transfer that license to another computer. I.e. once you've used the code to generate a license for one computer it adds information about that computer in that license. 


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