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Zybo z7 - Matlab Connection


Hi I'm newbie for fpga. I want to connect my zybo Z7 device to matlab simulink. I follow these workflow.(https://se.mathworks.com/help/hdlcoder/examples/define-and-register-custom-board-and-reference-design-for-zynq-workflow.html) During 10th step, error message appears. How I can solve this problem?


Error using codertarget.zynq.internal.LinuxShell/setupZynqHardware (line 543)
Cannot connect to "Zynq hardware". Details: Could not connect to the hardware over
Serial Port.
Check that USB cable is plugged into 'USB-to-UART' port of the hardware and the
power switch is turned on.
If this error persists, switch off the hardware, wait for 10 seconds, switch on
the hardware and then repeat this step.

Error in codertarget.zynq.internal.LinuxShell (line 207)

Error in zynq (line 113)
    h = codertarget.zynq.internal.LinuxShell('ZC702', varargin{:});


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