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Warning about install of Vivado 2019.1 on WIN10


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This isn't a question but there isn't a section for posting issues.

Before trying to install Vivado 2019.1 onto WIN10 you must read AR# 72280 that describes a known issue for installing this version.

The installer will now try and delete duplicate install files in an attempt to reduce disk usage. The problem is that this process never ends, the installer hangs indefinitely and you will be unable to terminate the installer without resorting to using Task Manager to kill the processes. You will have to delete from your HD any files relative to this version in the target directory as the installer not longer allows you to reinstall over an existing installation ( the files are all there but the application isn't yet registered so you are left with a lot of worthless files on your HD ). If you don't remove these files you will be unable to install this version at all.

The option to turn off the disk optimization step is on the very first page of the installer... it's not easy to find. If you proceed after this point you will never complete the installation.

Don't try and install Vivado 2019.1 (at least onto Windows ) with the default disk optimization step selected.

Curiously, Vivado 2019.1 supports Win10 versions 1803 and 1903 but NOT 1809. Version 9103 is for people wanting to find update issues for Microsoft  knowing that historically this could mean losing not only their PC state but everything that they've done on it ) but evidently Microsoft now disavows any knowledge of version 1809 which was the last stable version as of today.


I wrote the above assuming that I could re-run the installer and it would keep the downloaded files... it didn't once I turned of the disk optimization feature and now I have to start all over from scratch and download everything again...

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