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PmodIA not working with Arduino Zero


Dear Anyone


Hello. I am a grad student in mechanical engineering at UMD and I am trying to use the PmodIA to measure the impedance of a sensor. I currently have it attached to an Arduino Zero and I am having trouble connecting the two together (Pmodia and the Zero). I am wondering if there is code out there that can be used to have to two communicate together or if I have to come up with my own. I have tried using the Library and MPIDE example on the reference page and it states that I am missing almost all of the reference libraries. Any help anyone can provide or lead me in the right direction that would be much apprenticed. 

- webe0477

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Hi @webe0477,

Here is the resource center for the Pmod IA. We do not have a zero , but we do have the Example Raspberry Pi code from a Digilent Forum user that should be helpful.

best regards,


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