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deWebServer MPIDE Example not working



Currently I have an error when I try to compile the deWeServer example available on deipck library. For some reasons have some errors. 

Why is not declared the PIN_LED_STATE??




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Hi DavidMC,

So I tried compiling the program for the WiFIRE with what I labeled as the the August 2015 edition of MPIDE on my computer (I presume it's the same version that it looks like you're using currently) and it was able to compile successfully once I told it to look in the appropriate location for the library files (by going to File, Preferences, and then choosing the right location) since it was looking in the wrong location for that version of MPIDE.

I also found the deWebServer in the HTTPServer folder rather than the DEIPck library folder; I presume you did as well.

Did you happen to get any other errors listed besides just the one we can see in your screen shot?


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