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I need help in identifying a small microprocessor/microcontroller board that would provide the following functions:

1) allow the sampling of 5 different inputs of voltages from .13 to 2.7V (scale) to determine RF power; signals are CW and the RF detector is basically taking care of the integration thus sampling can be in KHz

 2) based on the results of #1, then provide 5x separate/independent signals to control 5x separate SPST RF switches (3.3V TTL) ; switching response can be up to 1 second.  Repeated ON/OFF is not expected; when SPST switches to the open state it will remain in that position for several seconds (>> 30 sec) to several minutes.  It can remain in the close position for days.

3) Be able to have 4x digital bit outputs as a control word to set the integration time of the RF detector. The signal levels is gnd=0 and 3.1 to 3.8V for bit=1.

4. Small form factor; current platform is around 3.9" x 3.9"; height should be kept to less than 1".

5. I need code to remain in non-volatile memory.  Program it and forget about it until unit fails or needs to be re-calibrated.

Can you provide all the options available from Digilent. 

Thank You,


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Hi @LSR,

I would think that most current microcontrollers in the market will be able to meet all your needs except size. All of our microcontrollers here should meet all of your needs except size.  These microcontrollers should fit your size needs as well: UC32, MAX32, Cmod MX1, WI-Fire or the WF32.

best regards,


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