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Ahmed Alfadhel

Selecting FIR filter architecture


Hi ,

I am using a signal of a frequency of 16 kHz sinewave, and the sampling frequency (Fs) is 48 kHz in my design, and I want to test  it with FIR filter compiler 7.2. 

I built simple design (first attached picture), consists form a DDS compiler and FIR compiler. Then I imported the FIR coeffiecents from Tfilter tool. However, the FIR filter was passing even the frequncies in the stopband, as illustrated in this discussion thread.

I looked through UG073, and I found figure 5.1 (second attached picture) shows the sampling frequcies lower than 0.5 MHz is processed by Sequnctial FIR filter architechure. While the FIR compiler options are only providing Parallel FIR filter architecure (Systolic Multiply Accumulate)  as shown in the third attached picture.

Is there any way to change the filter architecture in FIR compiler 7.2 ?

If only this architechture (Systolic) is available, what I can do to stop the frequencies in the stopband from passing the FIR filter?



Selecting Filter Architecture.JPG


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