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Xadc instantiation in vivado


I am using zybo and block design flow to connect xadc ip to my system. 

But, the xadc is not giving out any info acquired from the outside. 

One forum mentioned that in case there is no instantiation xadc read internal voltage or temp. 

So I checked the wrapper and there is no instantiation of xadc.

I am feeding the xadc with 100mhz clock. Should I change it?

P. S; if I posted in the wrong forum please move my post.

Thank you in advance for any help. 

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Hi @osmaan_khan,

Here is a forum thread that discusses using the ZYNQ ps with the XADC. There are links to other threads with working zynq xadc projects along with a non-digilent tutorial and the ZYNQ book.

best regards,


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