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I started using the old Discovery (black box)

In my computer I have and older version of the software. The waveform generator has a slide bar but when I installed the latest version in a different computer there is no slide bar

The old and new version are attached

I really need the slide bar, I can't type the number because I can't be looking at the screen and/o typing for small increments I need while I am running the experiment,

In the older version I just click in the slide bar or type the up/down arrow, in the new one I have to type it


Any way to get the older version or change something in the settings




(BTW this is an awesome tool, I have been a EE for 30 years )

old wavefrom.png

New wavefrom.png

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Hi @tomas61,

When the experiment is running, you can use the mouse scroll wheel to adjust the settings in the Arbitrary WaveForm Generator, though each setting will jump to the predefined settings that you can see in each of their dropdown arrows. Additionally, you can change form the Simple view to Basic view (image attached) to go the style of the original WaveForms.

Let me know if you have any more questions about this.

Thank you,

WaveForms Basic view.png

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