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UART Communication of Zybo via Bluetooth.



I am working on a project in which i am sending 8 bit data from Zybo and receiving that data on Arduino. The problem is that i am not getting the right data which i am sending from Zybo. I have generated the slow clock for required baud rate but still there is problem. I think there is a problem in State Machine which i have made in my Verilog Code. Kindly Check the Code Here.txt.


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Hi @jpeyron  I had improved my code and now i am sending the data from Zybo to Arduino successfully but now the problem is that i am receiving that data on Arduino serial monitor continuously.  What could be the problem?
Actually I am sending the ASCII value of character 'U' and receiving the "U" at Serial Monitor of Arduino but it i am receiving that character continuously which i don't want.



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