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Is there a way to stop the temporary files being generated while accessing HW using Digilent cable?


Is there a way to stop generating the temporary files in below directory while accessing hw_server using Digilent cable. We are using Vivado 2018.3 to access the HW. 

Ø  /tmp/digilent-adept2-

Ø    /dev/shm/diligent-adept2-*

For some reason, few of these files appear to become “stuck” in the locked position on occasion which is what causes the below error:

TCF 14:00:21.002: jtagpoll: cannot get port description list: ftdidb_lock failed: FTDMGR wasn't properly initialized

TCF 14:00:21.012: jtagpoll: cannot get port description list: JTAG device enumeration failed: Initialization of the DPCOMM library failed.


…above Errors are generate when hw_server was ran before

Quick Search suggested a driver issue but if I delete the tmp files then it works fine. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated! 




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Hi @hjain,

Are you specifically using Adept to connect to your FPGA board (is it a Digilent designed board or a custom board) or are you using the Vivado Hardware Manager to connect your board? I presume you are still using Linux with the newer Vivado versions like you mentioned in a previous thread?

If you haven't already, it may be worth it to uninstall and then reinstall the Adept components (available here) if you are using Adept (both the Runtime and Utilities) to make sure it was installed correctly.


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