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New FPGA Mining Algo Odocrypt for DigiByte DGB blockchain July 2019


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Any & all help is appreciated with this thread.  I am 100% new rookie to FPGA. I purchased the 

Digilent Zybo Z7: Zynq-7000 ARM/FPGA SoC Development Board (Zybo Z7-20 with SDSoC Voucher)

My intentions are to crypto currency mine a new FPGA algo called Odocrypt created by the blockchain group Digibyte DGB.  Here are a couple links to the info.



DigiByteCoin Github Odocrypt Mining Software


It will change every 10 days. Its supposed to, to make it more ASIC resistant. 

I thought this may make a nice marketing tool also that is profitable & I'll gladly promote if someone can tell me how to set it up!

Any input, insight or suggestions how to setup the Xilinx software for this particular FPGA to mine that Odocrypt algo on that mining pool... would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi @FPGAMiner,

Welcome to the Digilent Forums. 

We have not worked with Altera's IDE or on of their FPGA's. The GitHub link for the OdoCrypt FPGA Miner states under requirements that it currently only supports Intel (Altera) FPGAs on Linux hosts.

We have not ported one of Altera's projects to work with Vivado/Xilinx FPGA's. We do have petalinux platforms for the Zybo Z7 here.  I would think that after installing petalinux on the Zybo Z7 you would then need to duplicate their functions. Unfortunately we have no experience with this process and would not have useful advice.

Hopefully one of the more experienced community members will have some helpful input for you. I would also suggest reaching out to the creator of the OdoCrypt FPGA Miner to see if they have any suggestions for getting this project working with a Xilinx FPGA.

best regards,


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>> My intentions are to crypto currency mine a new FPGA algo called Odocrypt

quick reality check: Bitcoin mining is a professional business run by professionals. You may read between the lines. Then between the lines between the lines (disregarding the formerly mentioned lines between the lines) :)

If cryptocurrency motivates anybody to get into modern digital design - great. Chances are high that it'll eventually lead to a technical qualification that'll earn a very decent, sustainable income. Just be aware that it's one game for all and the "pros" understand (even if only statistically) the "rules between the rules between the rules"... so maybe I keep it in the back of my head that for the sake of cryptocurrency alone it's a "high-risk venture" (euphemism).



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