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ZedBoard FMC Pcam Adapter Demo SDK Error


vivado version :2018.2

Project source download from https://github.com/Digilent/ZedBoard-FMC-Pcam-Adapter-DEMO/releases/download/v2018.2-1/ZedBoard-FMC-Pcam-Adapter-2018.2-1.zip?_ga=2.123110859.1144416419.1559024388-476519465.1556766573

In the SDK main.cc:

1.I manual add #define XPAR_MIPI_D_PHY_RX_NUM_INSTANCES 4.

2. how to define the XPAR_VIDEO_SCALER_A_DEVICE_ID ?


3.I choose random number to XPAR_VIDEO_SCALER_(A~D)_DEVICE_ID.It's show the errors, how to solve ?


thank your much for your help

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Hi @qoolink,

Welcome to the Digilent Forums!

I was able to get a completed project without errors in SDK.

I downloaded the release for Vivado 2018.2 here. Then opened the project in Vivado 2018.2 from \ZedBoard-FMC-Pcam-Adapter-2018.2-1\vivado_proj. Next generate a bitstream and export the hardware including the bitstream.

After I launched SDK from Vivado 2018.2

1) add a new application call "FSBL" with default setting on the first page while selecting zynq_FSBL for the template on the second page of set up. 

2) add a new application call "fmc_pcam_adapter_demo" with default setting except the language should be C++ the first page. On the second page of set up select empty template.

3) right click on the src folder of the fmc_pcam_adapter_demo and import the ZedBoard_FMC_Pcam_Adapter_DEMO with selecting Overwrite existing resources without warning.

The read me attached below and in the  project folder describes this process as well. I attached below a screen shot of the SDK project as well.

best regards,






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