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ARTIX-7 A 35T drivers


I have an ARTIX-7 A 35T FPGA board.   I have the Vivado 2018 FPGA software good there, and I updated the Board files, from there I have downloaded all of the technical information

about this board but theres no mention of where to get the drivers for this board or does Vivado provide those in the 2018 software.

I did see mention to get to the hardware drivers section in the Menu under *tools* from there I don't know and I couldn't find anything to do with Hardware

in Vivado.   BTW I have the correct USB cable I first plugged in my ARTIX board and then into my Laptop the ARTIX LEDS came on (both Red leds) but they come on

solid and not flashing, from there I have no idea any suggestions?



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Hi @traymond160,

1) To be able to better assist you, What specific Artix-7 35T  FPGA development board do you have?

        a) We have a few different FPGA development boards with the Axtix-7 35T on them(I.E. Cmod A7-35T, Basys 3, Arty-A7 35T).

2) Are you using Windows or linux? If you are using linux with vivado you have to manually install the digilent cable drivers as discussed here

3) We have a installing vivado tutorial here that walks you through the process of getting vivado working with our FPGA development boards.

4) We have a getting started with Vivado here that should help you with using the Artix-7 35T FPGA you have.


best regards,


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