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Logic Analyzer's Interpreters

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Currently custom interpreters and colored command/data stages are not supported. For MOSI and MISO separate SPI interpreters have to be defined.


The skip of leading bits is intended to be able to cut the command bits, like in a simple communication with AD/DA converter, and to display only the actual data bits. Similar the unused ending bits can be trimmed.

To display only the leading command can be done by trimming the rest of the bits.


I will discuss with my team the suggested features.

Thank you for your observation.

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Could you add another signal to SPI interpreter? It would be nice to have both data lines (MISO and MOSI) in the single interpreter instead of two.

Also, how about one more for things like R/S or D/C. I know I can add it as a separate signal, but if it was part of the group, it could control things like the color of interpreted data (so for example data bytes could be green and control bytes yellow.) Is that possible at all?

Finally, it would be great to have a row for skipped bit when 9bit SPI is used (this bit is sometimes used for D/C) and and the ability for that bit to control the color (as above.)

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One more thing regarding UART interpreter. 

In my setup, 0x00 is interpreted as BREAK most of the time.

When I set the baud rate to ~1% less than it is, everything works fine.

Is the bit test performed at the beginning or in the middle of the bit? 

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The bit test is performed in the middle of bit time window. In the next software version the bit windows will be marked.


Thank you for the 1% observation. We might need to increase the tolerance before considering a zero transmission as break.

At what UART rate and logic analyzer sample rate do you see this problem?


Instead -1%, you might try using parity mark. In the next version you will be able to specify stop length too.

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